MIA I’m A Singer (Haters) Lynn Hirschberg Dis Track

Jerry | June 1, 2010 | 3 Comments


MIA I’m A Singer (Haters) Lynn Hirschberg Dis Track – MIA has come under fire recently after posting the phone number of a New York Times reporter named Lynn Hirschberg that misquoted her on her Twitter page. She fueled the fire by also posting a retaliation song on her label’s website. She has made her point to show that she wants nothing to do with the reporter who she feels represented her wrong during her interview with him. In posting his phone number, MIA made it seem as if she was posting her own. There has been no word as to how many calls the reporter received as a result of his phone number being posted on the Internet.

MIA also takes aim at the reporter in a new song. Stating;
“And the story’s always f—ed by the time it hits/ Why the hell would journalists be thick as s—/ Cuz lies equals power equals politics.”

She went on to state that she would be releasing an unedited version of the song for fans to hear soon. She also made references in the song to being spied on by the US government for a number of her political beliefs. It is not clear whether her accusations are true or not.
MIA is angry that the reported debunked a story that she had told him about not having seen her father in years, among other fact checking that was done by the reporter to ensure that MIA told the truth in her interview. MIA took issue with the reporter not taking her word at face value, and in response has launched a series of attacks against the journalist.

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    1. Jeff says:

      WOW, Mia is really quite insane. Full of conspiracy theorys. Facebook and twitter are made and run by the C.I.A!! WTF. This crazy bitch probally believes that the American goverment also was responsible for 9/11. One thing is good, she really isnt even a has been, she is a never was and her message aint getting to many people. Scary still that young kids could be influenced by this racist, terrorist supporting harlot.

    2. Jeff says:

      Nevermind my comment. I’m an idiot.

    3. Josh says:

      yea you are an idiot, just like her.